The votes are  counted we welcome Rich Gillett and welcome back Audrey Wells and Brian Kwake we also want to give a big thank you to Steve Woods for his 6 years of serving on the board.

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We had a great turnout this year thanks to everyone for the support:

1st place team with a score of 829 was John Sands-Ritch Johnson- Scott Steere- Neal Johnson- Marc Rose

2nd place with a score of 826 Leslie West-Dave West- Brent B Peterson- Brent J Petersen-Brian King

3rd place with a score of 820 Fred Daum-Rick Peloti- Mike Morgan- Doug Shambarger- Paul Leary

4th place with an score of 755 Gary Davis-Dan Bundy- Keith Scholzen-Wade Sip- John Adamson

5th place with a score 749 Howard Shosted- Clarence Ward- Jim Mendenhall- Nels Greenwood-Jeff Lindquist

6th place with a score of 698 Stanley Weyers-Wayne Gould-Andrew Gould- Seth Goller-Terry Esteb

7th place with a score of 675 Chad Hansen-Doug Hansen-Joe Yanez-Don Brown-Jim McConnell

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Purgatory Clay Sports has FFL license available to club members

PCS now has available to club members a FFL license to help any club member with gun transactions the cost will be $20.00  which includes background checks anyone interested contact Troy at the club or call 435-619-4437.

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